Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful Letter from Dallas

Dear Friend,

I am truly in awe; simply delighted at how our varying trends, cultures, issue-centered streams- we all came together in Solidarity with the people of Cuba tonight!

I witnessed what could be the spawning of a new community. Perhaps you guys are used to this sort of thing. Yet, the happenings tonight (the reception for the Pastors for Peace Friendship Caravan), and one which I was so pleased to be engaged in, was for me, a fresh breeze blowing.

I guess you must be used to smiling teenagers serving in the kitchen alongside our “elders”, or an Anglo folk singer performing back to back with an African drummer, or perhaps it’s common place around these neck of the woods to have home made fish stew, soy dishes, fried chicken, fresh spinach salad and buffalo wings, all served up in the basement of a Methodist church were Buddhists, Muslims, Unitarians, Catholics, Quakers, Baptists, and (yes, indeed) an atheist or two joined hands, prayed together and hung out together as one single family. Hey ya’ll I’m not quite used to that, but I sure can get ready for more of the same.

I can’t end this note and go back to my personal chores and diversions without thanking the Dallas Peace Center, the Job with Justice brothers and sisters, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, the Presbyterian “Peacemakers”, the Pan African Connection Bookstore (and any others I may have unintentionally left out) for their contributions- in word and in deed- to the overall efforts.

A special salute and hearty “shout outs” goes out to Emma Rogers and her crew, Lois Lillie, Alpha, my “side kick” Marilyn Clark, Sister Akioele Tyehinila, the youths of the South Dallas Culture Center and Pastor Stovall and the Munger Place UMC Church family for all their support, energy or their behind- the-scenes- toil and sweat. Sara did a magnificent job as our emcee (and with zero advance warning or preparations!). Thanks to all who brought a dish, donated a buck, took time out of their hectic, busy lives to come out and share.

Tonight we raised/increased:
- the spirit of our road warriors, the caravanistas.
-our knowledge/awareness in connecting local concerns with global affairs. -the bar for conducting down to earth/concrete, progressive actions.
-$1,040 for the cause.
-the chances for success in future endeavors, and for increasing the peace.
-new friendships, trust and a better sense of mutual respect.

Good night…better days are ahead.
Peace and blessings,


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