Monday, July 9, 2007

Minneapolis/Minnesota Presente!

Minneapolis/Minnesota, PRESENTE!

The Minnesota caravan event was incredible! Over a hundred people filled the St. Albert the Great Church basement, hosted by the Minnesota Cuba Committee, Midwest Witness for Peace, St. Luke's Church, St. Stephen's Church, and the Hands off Venezuela Committee, and alumni carvanistas, Tim Jordan, and Antonio Rosell, and future caravanistas an event that engaged diverse sectors of the community! Speakers, musicians, and Ralph Kaehler, a Rochester, Minnesota farmer engaged with agricultural trade spoke, as well as Lisa Valanti, representing the caravan.

Minneapolis/St. Paul is sending two caravanistas this year, as well as aid, and is planning a large contingent for next year, because they realize the importance of making sure that any new administration know that one of their many URGENT tasks will be to restore US residents human rights of engagement, and ending a policy that has only shamed our nation. So if we want VENCEREMOS we have to create the momentium to put Cuba front and center on any new administration's urgent to do list!


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