Monday, July 16, 2007

July 19 Day of Action Victoria, B.C.

Hi friends:

Our Victoria Goods for Cuba committee will hold a day of action for the release of the humanitarian aid confiscated from our Quebec sister group Caravane D'amitié Québec-Cuba by US border officials in Maine at the Coburn Gore crossing.

We are asking all our friends, supporters and people who believe in justice to come together in front of the Victoria, B.C. Legislature lawn at 12:00 noon, Thursday, July 19 and demand that the humanitarian aid be released.

We will have speakers, entertainment, leaflets to hand out and the media will also be invited. We hope to see you and your friends there.

The Québec aid was destined for maternity clinics and nursing homes in Cuba, included: a breast pump for nursing mothers, stethoscopes, used eyeglasses, a Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) and surgical gowns.

Pastors for Peace spent six hours in a standoff with Homeland Security attempting to negotiate passage of the medical aid before the shipment was detained for thirty days to investigate its security threat to the U.S.On the same day, Saturday, June 30, the aid shipment from Winnipeg, combined with aid from Edmonton and Calgary, was allowed to cross into the US. On that same Saturday here in BC - Vancouver, Salt Spring Island and Victoria were allowed to cross into the US with numerous caravanistas and a few truckloads of aid with no questions asked. On July 7 the aid from Ontario also got through the border at Fort Erie/Buffalo.

How can it be that humanitarian aid and caravanistas were allowed to enter in three entry points, but the one in Maine was refused?

We believe that such an act of seizing humanitarian aid is outrageous, inhumane and hateful.

In solidarity,
Randy Caravaggio
Goods for Cuba


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